Simple Money Tools

Simple Money Tools to Start a Sexy Affiliate Marketing World

I want to share with you some of the basic money tools you can create when doing affiliate marketing. I think it is important to let you know the simple tools you can start with so you don’t have to overwhelm yourself by doing so much research and trying to find out what kind of tools you need.

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To start a sexy affiliate marketing world you need to do the following:

PayPal is the most widely used platform to send and receive payments FAST on a global scale.

PayPal is available in more than 200 countries/regions and supports 25 currencies. You can send and receive payments easily across borders and language barriers. Just click to see if you are in one of the countries on the Paypal list and sign up now! You want to earn without any barriers, right?

A Facebook page is just as important as a YouTube channel because it will let people out there know who you are and you can always post important information you think will be useful to them. It is very easy to create a Facebook page, and you can find tutorials on YouTube.

GetResponse is my favorite autoresponder for those of you out there who don’t even know what email marketing means.

IT IS SO FREAKIN’ EASY! I PROMISE YOU; you will get to love and start building your email list with just a few simple steps, and it has 24/7 AWESOME, live tech support. You can’t go wrong with Get Response! What’s even more, when you create an announcement from Get Response, they email subscribers according to the time they check their emails. It is that awesome.


You will get a link to earn $30 each time you refer someone. I switched to Aweber and had to return to Get Response again because it is really easy.

Solo Ads Paid Advertising

Click Here you get $5 discount is also a money tool enhancer.

Yes, yes I know where the heck to invest the extra money I have, but you know what, it is a small investment to start, and they are quite effective for you to start building up subscribers who are interested in your landing page. You can spend about $50-$100 to test the market out to see how responsive those subscribers are. To start a business you need to invest in order to make money.

Free advertising is another category where I place World Free Ads. This is truly international, and you can post your ads for free for 30 days with an option to pay for it if you want.

YouTube is another place where you can create and express your creative marketing skills without any payments. It is another FREE METHOD to make money by getting subscribers if you feel like you are up to it.

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