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You Haven’t Seen This AFFILIATE MARKETING Program Listed on Buzzfeed

Yup, so I want to write about some affiliate marketing programs that are not on Buzzfeed. They are either hidden underground or up and coming, and will make you money online = PASSIVE INCOME.

I will be updating more information if I find them LEGIT and truly friendly to navigate.

So far, these are the solid online programs I highly recommend:

Buzz #1  Affilorama

Affilorama is a highly recommend training course in Internet Marketing by a successful entrepreneur Mark Ling in 2005.   This program consists of hundreds of hours of VIDEO TRAINING lessons that teach you how to start affiliate marketing.  If you are a true newbie and you want to gain an Internet skill online and earn money then this is for you to start in the beginning.  This program provides you step by step training on how to become an affiliate marketer.  On top of that you can start by being a FREE MEMBER and it will provide you with FREE TRAINING. After you grasp some of Mark Ling’s basic ideas then you can consider to see if you want to become premium member which you need to upgrade and pay.  I would not really waste my time over think it and really sign up and join.


BUZZ #2   EEC- Earn Easy Commission

EEC is a referral type of affiliate program where you can start by creating a free account, and then you get a personalized referral link. Your job is to share the link with everyone online, and you get paid for $1 per qualified member who signs up.

You can create a free account,  


You can do a one-time pro upgrade $150, which I highly recommend.  You will get $100 commissions from Tier 1 countries and 20% commission from 2nd tier countries.

For VIP upgrade: $2000 one time and you will get 50% commission from all the VIP upgrade and 20% commission for 2nd tier countries.

(Note: You can make pay with payment plan)

This is an easy online money platform that is, truly meant for people who are very new to the game of affiliate marketing.

You must create a PayPal account first, and the payout method is weekly, with a minimum payout of $20.

You must join ClickMagick to track your clicks and GetResponse.

They provide you with the following: personalized referral link, email swipes, you get free Facebook images and free banners.

Buzz# 3  PowerHouse Affiliate

This is a free 14-day trial affiliate marketing training program which is highly recommended. The founder Joey Babineau owns the Click Pay Per Action Program Vault Media which also incorporates into his premium program.  This means once you upgrade to premium member; you can start promote and earn weekly.

You can read through the PowerHouse Affiliate great review through Jack Cao who is the Online Investigator for BareNakedScam.com.  Bare Naked Scam

This is basically a training program that concentrates on teaching you how to use Paid Advertising method.  There are various ways you can do affiliate marketing: Blog, YouTube, Social Media, Paid Advertising.  You can create the free account and not join the premium member if you don’t have the money but you can get a personal referral link to earn.  Again, you can refer and earn until you have enough to join as a premium member.  Now, I just want to give you the latest, the founder Joey Babineau recently teaches his students How to Direct Link and Get Free Traffic with No Cash Investment.


Buzz# 4  Devant Travels- Travel Processing System

Devant Travels is not a travel agency and the founder Stephen Thomas just launched this platform this year, and it is a Travel Processing System platform where you giveaway vacations to others, and they purchase this platform from you; you get 100% commission. Why is this platform so unique?

  • It is one time payment of $47 no monthly recurring fee.
  • It is 100% commission and payout the commission right away via Paypal.
  • It is a platform with training videos how to promote this platform online.
  • You can get access to exclusive online vacations deals it is not open to the public.

This is really worth the investment if you like to travel with your family and like to earn at the same time.

It is a great platform to earn extra monies and great gifts to your friends and families.

So give Devant Travels a try. I highly recommend it; I already had my two payment of $47 already.

My content is not set in stone; I will continue to write and add more programs as I see what other affiliate marketing platforms are worth promoting and are newbie-friendly.

I welcome your comments and questions.



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