6 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Sexy

I am writing because I feel it is important to share my affiliate marketing journey with you.

I know you are out there on Google searching endless articles trying to find out how best to make money online.

I chose affiliate marketing because it allows you to promote products for vendors and you get a commission. That is the bottom line of what affiliate marketing is about.

Six Reasons:

1. You work in the comfort of your own home

You can become an affiliate marketer by choosing a program that is legit and easy to follow.  You don’t have to worry about getting to work on time or worry about the congested traffic or horrible train delay service. You choose when to start working and when to end your day.

2. You get to help others and vice versa

It is good to make tons of money, but it is always good to be able to help others with integrity. People are just like you, and they are also searching for solutions on how to get started. You will get a chance to get to help billions of people out there in the internet world from all over the place; even if you only help one person, the feeling of satisfaction you get is worth it.

Many strangers, now friends from the internet world – India, Mississippi, South Africa, Egypt, Canada, and Singapore – have helped me.

You get to meet people from all over the world

Like I mentioned above, I have gotten help from people from all over the world; they share their horror stories with me about how they started out their internet marketing journeys and their horror stories about their past work life. You get to laugh about it and bond with them.

At present, I am very much in touch with one of the SCAM Reviewers, Jack Cao who has this fabulous website you can refer to whenever you see people promoting a program. You can go to his website and check it out to see if it is legit: www.barenakedscam.com

He is an awesome person who will give you his honest opinion within his scope of knowledge.

3. Gives you the freedom to travel around the world without permission!

Don’t you hate it when you are at work and you always have to submit the time frame when you are requesting for a vacation time; you have to wait for your boss to see if she/he likes you and is willing to let you go and enjoy the vacation time you deserve?

Well, with affiliate marketing, you don’t need to ask for permission nor do you need to beg your boss to let you enjoy your vacation.

4. You really learn more skills with affiliate marketing

Since I decided to start affiliate marketing, I noticed there is a learning curve. I developed a lot more skills than I ever imagined I would. I learned how to do simple email marketing through GetResponse, a 24/7 live support auto responder. I learned how to create a landing page, creating my domain name and even how to create an ad for my Facebook page. I learned how to create a blog because I need to get my message out. ( I never knew how to do an email marketing but now I do).

I was horrified by an anxiety attack when I first started, but I learned as I went and conquered my fear. I am now confident enough to talk about it.

5. Saves you childcare cost

I don’t have any kids of my own, but many of my coworkers struggle to get that time off from their 50 hours a week.

Affiliate marketing can be done from the comfort of your home, as you’ll no longer need to worry about the hassle of finding a babysitter and you’ll save a ton of money in the process.

You can save tons of money just from childcare payments, let alone worrying about if your child is safe at the childcare.

6. You can have a less stressful life

I am not saying affiliate marketing will eliminate all the stress in your life. I am just saying you can have a more flexible life. You can set your own pace and how you want to run the show. Basically, you are doing your own business, and you call the shots. You don’t need to waste your time on politics at work, trying to make your coworkers like you as a miss popular or trying to beg your boss to give you that raise or vacation time off.

My conclusion is that it really depends on what your current situation is right now. It is up to you to find what is suitable for you, but you really need to dig deep down in your heart and hear that voice within you.

If you are just trying to make a fast buck, then affiliate marketing is not for you.

If you are truly passionate about learning new skills and you are ready to get out of that 9-5 job to transition into that zero boss life, then you should really start doing research.  You can go to my Affiliate Programs page to read my recommended affiliate marketing programs that you can start right away.

I find affiliate marketing more suitable for me because I have the entrepreneur spirit plus I really don’t want to waste most of my time pleasing others. I am never popular at my work because I am a hard worker and that is not what people want to see. They just want you to play along politics with them.

The bottom line is I want to help others and make a difference.

There, I said it! I want my Zero Boss Life that leads me to freedom.